Gravestones, crystals, objects
variable dimension

The project “Unknown memories” is born from casual city walks at the borders of its functional spaces that only later I discovered to be former cemeteries.

Maybe cause a cultural difference, I was just dazed to step on an abandoned terrain that not so many years ago was sacred and charged with the power of memory, which keeps a spiritual connection between alive and death’s world.

So I collected some abandoned gravestones’ fragments and brought them with me to the studio. Here I composed the sculptures using also other founded objects on which I let grow colored salt crystals. Just later I came back to the exactly place where I founded the objects and colocate then the new sculptures and shoot the photos.

Actually, an empty place added to a temporary lack of memory is a perfect combination for giving time and space to a transformation process where, in this case, marginal sculptures made from the city’s leftovers can cohabit and mix themselves.