Satured Solutions

October 2018
solo exhibition at nun project space, Berlin

from the press release of the exhibition “Satured Solutions”

nun will be showing Saturated Solutions a combination of the site-specific installation Mèdius Terràneus and some wall sculptures from the series Home by Nadia D’Alessio.

Mèdius Terràneus is an installation that stencils, with a thin level of water, the Mediterranean Sea in the middle of nun’s space.The public will be invited to walk around it and perform a circular movement. This action embodies exchange and communication around a threatened and unstable body of water inside its borders. Mediterranean Sea: Lat: Mare (Sea), Mediterrāneum (in the middle of land, inland) ‘the Sea in the middle of the Earth’. This sea works as a platform of exchange between continents, countries and cultures by being an important waterway for the trade between Asia and Western Europe. Conversely, it also traces sharp divisions between north, south, east and west working as a border that is policed, tries to stop and even drowns thousands of migrants and refugees coming from Asia and Africa to Western Europe. A threatened sea where political decisions try to perform the function of welfare and exchange in contrast to their record of ecological damage and human tragedy.

D’Alessio’s Home series that will accompany Mèdius Terràneus, are wall sculptures made from domestic belongings covered with salt. The salt abstracts the characteristics of the objects by developing, both and at the same time, crystallization and corrosion. The artist proposes a reaction about the transformative process of ‘feeling at home’ on industrial and post-industrial times. Inhabitants are reduced to consumers of massive homogenized capitalistic productions. They loose a primordial connection to places and the creativity on reinventing new ways of living, while places loose signs of their specific history. She wonders about how the depersonalization of the living culture changes our perception and definition of space.