2016 / marble’s table, glass stills, sea’s water / 110 x 50 x 80 cm




This work arises from a reflection about the concept of identity.
The object in analysis is a place, the Mediterranean see, choose for its millennial role in southern Europe cultures and because of recent attention due to massive migration movements. Apart from Geo-political issues, I focus on how we can consider the identity of such a multifaceted and history-laden reality.
Is there a chance to catch a definition of that? Can we represent it somehow? Maybe no, if we consider what contemporary philosophy teach:  identity is a fluid concept always in discussion with the multitude suggestions and encounters from outside. What I try to suggest through this works is the idea that what is interesting to investigate is not an idealist purity or originality, but the leftovers due to a contamination. The defects, the marginal elements are what is interesting for me.
Residui – Leftovers is like the last view of a chemical experiment where I’ve distilled some examples of Mediterranean water coming from Egypt, Italy and Turkey.
Instruments are set on a table: three different stills, containing salt and other wastes from the water, beside three glass bottles, with pure water results from the process. According to the poetic statement, what catch the attention on the perception of the work are not the pure distilled bottles of water, but the leftovers contained in the stills.