I’ve choose an alabaster stone as base for represent the lands around the Mediterranean Sea, that etymologically means “that stay in the middle of the earth”.
Due to its shape is natural a connection between the “terra firma”; but it’s also curious how human being create an imaginary line that cross the sea for its latitude dividing the surrounding lands between northern and southern. The passage and communication function around Mediterranean Sea is so natural that certainly contrast with the mental separation that we make: division that recently it’s being ever more inconvenient due to the political inability to confront themes as the people’s massive migration.
For underline labile connections between lands I’ve choose of represent the sea with a very thin level of water that create an unstable bubble inside its borders. I’ve choose the alabaster as stone for its gypsum composition that in the time, with constant contact to the water, tends to corrodes. My intention is create a visual metaphor to remind that each kind of border and separation, more those builds from man, it’s never stable, but destiny to changes.